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Filling Station Ceiling

We are manufacturing of Long-span Ceiling in Nigeria

Gas Station Ceiling

Filling Station Ceiling manufacturer in Nigeria

We are based in Lagos, Nigeria. Manufacturer of Filling Station Ceiling in Nigeria. Manufacture, Install and supply, For more than 10 years. Gas stations F150 Steel Long-span Ceiling.

We are ceiling company in Nigeria the ceiling is ideal for large open spaces including Gas stations, Shopping mails, Conference halls, Airport building terminal, Schools, Filling Station, BRT terminal, Car parked, Stadium, Church auditorium. Height Railway Stations, Warehouse, Workshop, Residential and commercial.

The best quality Filling station ceiling to match your budget and deliver indestructible structures. we produce gas stations ceiling and bargains to help you save some money, Long lasting for years, They are priced per square meter and the pricing range is quite within your budget.

We usually install Filling Station Ceiling / Gas station or Long-span Steel Ceiling throughout Nigeria we sold, manufacture and installed over 85% of Filling station ceiling in Nigeria, to mention few eg Northwest, NIPCO, Oando, Timac, NNPC etc all installed by our experienced ceiling installers or Filing station installer. We also hold relevant training in Indian and China with certifications.

Standard Colors: White, you can also spray it with other colors Material:galvanised steel However, perharps you have a specific measurement? We can also help you to produce it here in Nigeria. The size range from 20meters, 150-600mm upward, we can produce any length.. Packing details: Packed in standard carton with protective form

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Gas Station Ceiling in Nigeria
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